How my Morning Caused me to Fail

How my Morning Caused me to Fail

Have you ever had one of those mornings where nothing seems to go right?

Last week, I had one of those days. I got up early, had my list of things that I needed to get done, and went to work. I worked diligently on a post that I had been planning for several weeks. It was going to be filled with lots of resources and I was excited to get it published so it could help people.


I worked on this post for two hours, TWO HOURS. Then, when I hit save, it disappeared! Gone completely! Never to return! (believe me, I tried to recover it). As I set almost in tears my daughter said, "maybe you weren't supposed to post it. Maybe it wasn't meant to be". What? Of course it was meant to be! It was going to help church administration be more effective so they could reach more people. Why wouldn't God want me to publish that? I was very frustrated and decided to just walk away from it..... but it affected my whole day.

Fast forward a few hours to me reading a friends blog post about putting God first and starting her day off with prayer and meditating on the Word....and it hit me. I went straight to "work" that morning. I did not read my devotion like I usually do. I did not spend any time in prayer first. I was so focused on getting things checked off my list that I didn't do what was most important.

I should know this, but I was reminded of two valuable lessons that day.

  1. Put God first and all other things will come together.
  2. Always have a backup of my posts saved in Word!


Starting your day off with God will change your whole day. If this isn't something you normally do, I challenge you to try it for seven days. If you are sincere it will change your life!


P.S. I have restarted that post and it will be available soon 🙂

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